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Trafalgar Square mortgage advisers have the expertise and experience to deal with all mortgage enquiries, no situation is too complex. 

As specialists in mortgages, whether you’re a first time buyer, re-mortgaging or venturing into the buy to let market, our professional consultants will be able to source the best mortgage for you, based on your personal and financial circumstances. 

All our mortgage advisers hold the accredited industry qualifications and represent the ‘whole of market’, so you can be confident that through Trafalgar Square you are dealing with industry experts.

The Trafalgar Square Promise

At Trafalgar Square, we understand that checking to see if you have the best mortgage can be somewhat of a drag – let alone when you come to the end of a deal and get put on a horrible standard variable rate (SVR).  That’s why, when you transact with Trafalgar Square, we promise to monitor your mortgage rate for life, to ensure you always have the best deal. And, even if your financial circumstances change during your initial rate period, the Trafalgar Square Promise ensures we will always help you to arrange the best product for you.That’s a lifetime of liaising with solicitors and valuers that we will do for you. That’s never, ever going onto a nasty SVR and paying well above the odds. That’s consistently getting the best value from your largest financial commitment. That’s a promise.

Making sure you get the best value – always

Making sure you get the best value – always. If we’ve arranged a mortgage with a special introductory rate, be that a fixed or a variable, we’ll make sure we check out the market a few months before the special rate comes to an end – and get in touch if we think you’d be better off with another product. That could be over 18 months from now, 3 years or 5 years. Whatever your introductory offer period, we promise to remember, and we promise to get back to you if you could be saving.

The Trafalgar Square Promise gives total peace of mind, enabling you to choose your mortgage with the benefit of expert advice. Take advantage of introductory rates, knowing we’ll tell you if there are better deals available whenever the initial offer ends. Be confident throughout the lifetime of your mortgage, because we will regularly review your rates and get in touch if we think you could benefit from a different product. Contact a Trafalgar Square expert should your circumstances change or you feel there are new products from which you could benefit.

Whichever mortgage we arrange for you, we promise to regularly check your rates for the lifetime of your mortgage – which means that you never need worry about it again.